Angel Number 1111: Biblical Meaning

Angel Number 1111: Biblical Meaning 1

Do you sometimes encounter the same set of numbers in your daily lives? Numbers that keep appearing wherever you go and whatever you do? Well, those coincidental number are called ‘Angel Numbers’. They are messages and signs from the universe, your angels and the creator. 

‘Angel Numbers’ have different meaning, so when you see one, never ignore its representation. 

Here are things you need to do when you see your Angel Number: 

  • Pray 

There’s nothing more powerful than a prayer. So when you see you angel number, pray and ask for wisdom. These angel numbers are powerful and will equip you with set of skills and gifts that will be useful for your daily lives. Praying will prepare you in case that day happens so you will see the right path you need to take. 

  • Write notes 

You can express your feelings by writing it into words. When you see your angel number, write it in a journal that only you can read and write in a way that seems like you’re directly writing to your angel. Through this, you’re also meditating and expressing your soul. The deeper you connect to your angels, the more you understand their message. 

  • Pay attention 

Some people get frightened when they see angel numbers because they didn’t know the reason behind its appearances. Some people think they’re just hallucinating or being haunted, or simply just a coincidence that’s why they ignore it. So when you see an Angel Number, pay attention by searching its meaning. 

Why do you see Angel Numbers? 

  • Spiritual Awakening

One reason that you are seeing an Angel Numbers is because your spirituality has finally awakened. During this phase, your frequency is rising and you are more conscious of yourself or your journey. 

  • Divine support 

You may be having struggles in your life and you’re asking for divine support that’s why your angels are giving you the aid you need. 

  • Your life is being unfold 

An Angel Number is also your indicator that you’re in the right path. Once you keep seeing Angel Numbers then it means your life is unfolding and you need more perseverance. 

  • You have greater purpose 

You may be seeing an Angel Number because you are having tough times in your life that makes you feel like giving up. Your angels will send you signs of encouragement and support and one of that is showing you your true purpose in life. 

Biblical meaning of Angel Number 1111 

As you can see, the number 11 consists of the angel number 11 repeated twice. Before we go to its Biblical meaning, let us first talk about the representation of the angel number 11: 

The Number 11 

The number 11 depicts to transition and strong spiritual relationship, which means the spiritual awakening is already in front of you. 

  • Personality 

The Number 11 possesses the personality that is guided by the inner voice towards a higher vibrational living and is an independent entity. 

Unlike other very empathic numbers, the number 11’s journey is not isolated because people generally find them naturally charismatic. They can open the doorway to the subconscious mind which will lead them to being a charismatic leader, as well as an inspirational person. 

  • Socialization 

Since the number 11 people involves charisma and magnetism, it is highly possible that they will attract a lot of people into their lives – if they allow them to. Their excellence at spiritual and religious vocation can easily draw followers. 

These people are mostly best artists, philosophers, teachers, musicians, and performers that are associated with mysticism and spirituality. 

Angel Number 1111 

The angel number 1111 is related to your life’s soul mission. So if you keep seeing this angel number, then it means your spirituality will be awakened. This message means that you have to accept all the spiritual aspects of your life and to listen to yourself. Intuition will be your greatest weapon to decision making. And together with your powerful spiritual and intuition, you will surely reach greater heights. 

Biblical Angel Number 1111 

Upon seeing this number 1111, it is composed of number 11 that is repeated twice. 

Now, the first Biblical meaning of it is when number 11 was mentioned in the Bible for the first time, and it was in Genesis 32:22 – the moment when Jacob travels together with his 11 sons and his wives to the land where he was born. 

Next is when the 11th son of Jacob was Joseph, and his birth is explained in the Bible. That is when Luke 11:11 discovered that the Father was not mean as he was represented in the Old Testament. This was the new revelation that Jesus Christ released, called the transitional revelation. 

Another thing is, according to the Bible, number 1111 is considered to be a symbol of a wakeup call and spiritual awakening. If you keep seeing this Biblical number, then it is a sign that God is calling you. So it is necessary to pursue your spiritual path and follow it. Doing so will give you spiritual growth and you will soon realize that material things don’t matter in this world. 

Lastly, there is another Biblical meaning of the angel number 1111 in your life and that is the period of big changes coming to you. These changes will awaken your spiritual sense on which you will look more deeply into the symbolism of this number. Once you connect deeply through this number, you will get to know that God is trying to speak to you, regardless of whether you are a believer or not. 

But keep in mind that most biblical explanations are based on the fact that 1111 number is a wakeup call that we receive direct from God. Which is why you should never ignore this number when it starts appearing in your life consistently. Rather, accept it with all of your heart. God will send you number 1111 in order to offer you the salvation. Salvation will help you create a stronger and more stable relationship with God. 

Keep in mind that the angel number 1 is a symbol of motivation and independence. 

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