Angel Number 666 : Meaning and Symbolism

In this kind of special article on numbers, we will try to interpret the mysterious meaning and symbolism of the infamous number 666, often accused of being a demonic, diabolical and cursed number.

Well, there are several explanations and opinions about the verse of the New Testament, calling the number 666 ‘the number of the beast’. There’s more to it than that. First, we will interpret that number from the aspect of numerology.

It may seem a little strange, even surprising, to speak of number 666 as something related to angels, pure spirits of light and majesty of celestial forces!

Numerology interprets numbers by their specific energetic vibrations, not as (not) religious symbols. According to spiritual teachings, numerology in particular, numbers resonate with the energies of heaven.

The energies we speak of are parts of the universal, ever-flowing, life-giving cosmic energy that moves the world around.

Seen through the prism of numerology, the number 666 is simply another of the numbers. To have a better idea, we will start by explaining what the numbers really are.

You see, according to alternative spiritual teachings and related fields, the human world is guarded by the celestial spirits.

The exact image and idea you have in mind when talking about universal forces does not matter much; the point is that various systems believe that we are guided, guarded, and loved by celestial forces.

According to several authors, we are all protected by our personal guardian angels. These angels are altruistic, egoless and non-physical entities that exist in the higher realms, in harmony with the source of life energy we have already mentioned.

The guardian angels care about the human world. Each person has their own personal guardian in heaven.

Spiritists believe that we have more than one angel to worry about. Now, when we clarify this, you may ask yourself, ‘Well, I have guardian angels, but how are they really helping me? How would I know if an angel was watching over me and my destiny?’. Be patient, dear reader, it will come to that!

Number 666 – What does that mean?

Guardian angels do not affect our decisions, our emotions, our deeds and thoughts directly. They are not the ones who rule over us and change the course of events that make up our destiny; it is all written down somewhere in the stars.

The guardian angels offer guidance and support for other actions. If you think it’s ‘unfair’ they never stop evil from happening, think deeper.

Angels do not interfere directly in our lives because they are not allowed.

They are unable to do, think or create bad things and events, but they will never stop them either. They work to encourage us to do it our way, with all our strength.

The point is that angels want us to believe in ourselves, to know that we are able to overcome the challenges that life brings us.

They send us messages of support, messages of love and guidance. Angelic messages come to us just to remind us of our own qualities, but also of our failures. These messages are meant to make us realize how strong we really are and to help us deal with life’s difficulties.

At the same time, they remind us of all the good things we should embrace and enjoy.

You see, angels could use various channels to send us their messages. They often speak to us through symbols with which we are familiar, those that we can easily recognize and perceive.

In the modern world, our lives are literally written in numbers and numerical values. We use numbers because we open our eyes in the morning to check the weather until we summarize all the activities of that day and go to bed.

Numbers are practical and useful, but magical too.

As we mentioned in the first part of the article, the numbers resonate with the cosmic energies. Angels choose special numerical sequences to send us special energy and important and valuable messages.

So, if you keep seeing the same number several times, it may be more than “just a number. It can be an angelic message!

How can you understand number 666? Well, in numerology, numbers differ only by their specific energy.

All numbers are generally positive, because our guardians would never send us anything that would harm us.

So number 666 is a powerful number. If you are the one who receives this angelic message, we will be happy to help you interpret it.

The secret meaning and symbolism

Leave aside everything you have heard about 666 and join us in interpreting this number from the point of view of numerology.

Later, we’ll talk a little bit about your so-called “dark” side. Seen as a numerical sequence, the number 666 is incredibly strong. The number 6 has tripled and that is what constitutes its immense energy.

People with that number are great humanitarian and gentle individuals. It seems strange, bearing in mind what we have all heard about 666!

To begin with the interpretation of the basis of number 666 and, of course, number 6. Number 6 is considered a particularly stable aspect from a spiritual point of view. It resonates with great positivity and energies of peace, balance and harmony.

This number represents concepts of loyalty, dedication, unconditional and universal love, compassion, understanding, support and guardianship. Number 6 reflects the power of kindness, care, nourishment, forgiveness and protection.

Number 6 represents those who know how to appreciate little beautiful things in life. People who have this number (and remember, you have it three times out of 666!) are modest, considerate and trustworthy.

Number 6 offers the ability to really listen to others, feel their need, but also feel their love. Number 6 loves unconditionally and needs to be loved. However, it is typical that people who look like 6 are more likely to give than receive.

Number 666 is generally incredibly humanitarian. Strangely enough, it has nothing to do with being mean, greedy or hurting others on purpose.

Also, people with number 666 tend to neglect their own needs, dreams, and desires and all this to please and help others.

Sometimes it’s hard for them to put themselves before others, which can become bad, of course.

People with the number 666 are individuals of great strength, endurance and focus on what they are doing.

They have an incredibly positive aura, but sick people can exploit their good intentions. They always think well of others, failing to see if anyone wants to make use of their help for some bad causes.

That’s the thing that numbers 666 really need to know. Besides, they are kind, intelligent and incredibly charming people.

Love and number 666

It is interesting to note that people with 666 do not have the same luck in love as you imagine, since they have so much love in their hearts and are very kind to others. In fact, they believe in universal love and love the world deeply.

They are able to see beauty in the simplest things and see goodness in the heart of each person.

However, when it comes to romantic love, they can be very shy and quiet. They are kind and gentle to everyone.

In their hearts, there is a place for all kinds of love, to say it. They are familiar with friendly love, family love, parental love, love of living creatures, love of God or other form of divine existence in which they believe and romantic love.

However, romantic love is not so easy for them. They often devote all their efforts to humanitarian work; they usually work in support organizations of all kinds and some of them are successful, even remarkable for their work.

This kind of dedication sometimes distances them from the desires of their hearts and they spend long periods alone.

They are unlikely to change many partners; they dream of someone who is kind, gentle, and who loves with an open heart.

Once they meet such a person, the relationship is very romantic, full of mutual understanding, care and support.

Since numbers 666 are naturally heated people, they are the true custodians of their family; they nurture loyal parents and spouses.

Numerology 666

Now, let’s tell some interesting facts about number 666. First, we mention its notoriety and it is an accepted interpretation of number 666 in general.

In the New Testament, there is this verse that says, ‘Let him who has understanding understand the meaning of the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. His number is 666’. Interestingly, if you translate the number by the Greek or Hebrew alphabet, you get the name of a particularly ‘evil’ ruler, Nero Caesar.

Many historians and others speculate about this hidden message of the Bible, but it doesn’t really reveal much about the true “nature” of the number itself.

Moreover, there are some older texts and sources that claim that the “real number of the beast” is 616. It’s all very interesting, but that doesn’t mean that number 666 has its own evil energy.

From the numerology and spiritual point of view, number 666 is just another of the six related sequences and is a positive message.

The more 6s there are, the clearer the message. The number 6 reflects all the things and ideas mentioned; therefore, seeing 666 means that you should focus on good and positive things in life, not on demons and demons.

In some symbolic systems, particularly Arabic, the number 6 is related to creation and soul, so the number 666 is seen as highly positive and encouraging.

Furthermore, the number 6 is related to the number 9 (6 + 6 + 6 = 18, 1 + 8 = 9), which is interesting if we have in mind another interpretation of the Bible that says that the number 999 is perfect, while 666 is simply reversed 999.

From the point of view of numerology, the number 9 gives the number 666 the capacity to develop spiritually. The number 9 is associated with the purpose of the soul, spiritual awakening, karma, destiny, enlightenment, and celestial energy in general.

The numbers 6 and 9 can be observed as a mirror, they can represent both sides of the coin and are thus well balanced together.

Number 666

Don’t be afraid if you start seeing number 666! Your guardian angels would never send you anything that could harm you.

On the contrary, they send you number 666 to tell you important things you should know about yourself and your destiny.

They want you to know how strong and worthy you are and to make you realize that you must have more about yourself.

They want you to make the most of life. They know that you feel so good and fulfilled when you help others, but face reality; you can’t do that all the time.

In those moments you are not helping others, you may feel sad, sad and lonely and that is something you should not allow.

Find some pleasures alongside your humanitarian actions.

Pamper yourself, because if anyone deserves a little rest and relaxation, it is you. Don’t fall under bad influences and be afraid of the number 666. It’s an incredible angelic message to you, not an evil sign.

The number 666 in numerology does not announce evil; on the contrary, it brings peace and harmony to your destiny.

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