Angel Number 4848 : Meaning and Symbolism

Numbers enter our world when there is something important to tell us and an important message we must receive from our guardian angels.

As they are always watching over us, we can be sure that their intentions are just to push us to the solution, so that we can be calm and confident.

Number 4848 – What does that mean?

The number 4848 is a symbol of confidence in your decisions and life choices. Self-confidence is nothing more than a belief, a matter of expectations. If I have expectations that I will be able to overcome the obstacles that arise, I will trust myself.

On the contrary, if I believe that problems will overcome me, I will have little confidence in my possibilities.

Trust will not be the same in every area of my life. Where I have a healthy and positive self-esteem, it will be easier to trust me. Maybe I have a lot of confidence playing basketball, but very little as a pianist.

Or I have a lot of confidence as a lover, but not as a couple. It’ll all depend on how I interpret my past experiences.

Self-confidence is a concept that has various meanings, such as self-acceptance, self-satisfaction, self-consciousness.

It is essential to know what the limits and failures are. Also the strong points that we have to appreciate them (Forges), finally, we have to accept all the elements that belong to us (Goleman, candy test). Look inside as if we had to find a potential.

Usually, the person presents an improved version of himself and others. This evaluation one makes of oneself is usually more generous than an evaluation made by others (Seligman).

It is a mechanism of survival. Self-confidence represents the motivation needed to fulfill the goals obtained thanks to the phenomenon of self-fulfilling prophecy. At other times, the image of oneself will be very unfair due to a high demand for oneself.

The secret meaning and symbolism

Self-confidence is part of the human being, the result of the mixture between self-esteem and self-efficacy. Our guardian angels are telling us to focus on achieving these two characteristics because we put off important things for too long.

Self-efficacy is the impression that a person has the capacity to reach his/her goals, self-esteem is more related to the perception of oneself and his/her abilities.

A self-confident person usually has a positive opinion of himself/herself, is willing to take risks to reach his/her goals (personal and professional) and is optimistic about his/her future. Because she is considered capable of taking risks.


There are very specific signs that you have found an ideal person to spend the rest of your life with. Do you want to know if you’ve found the right way? Then don’t stop looking for the following signs.

It’s super important that couples have similar opinions about their future together. It is impossible to have a good life with someone who has a plan that does not include you. When you find the right path, you know it, because both of you will start to create a life plan together.

When a man seeks something serious with you, he will introduce you to others. He will start with friends and gradually include you in his circle.

It is important to him that you integrate into all areas of his life. Also, he will include you in his plans, a concrete sign that you have found someone valuable.

In the end, there are two people who have figured out how to include you in their daily lives.

It is a degree of deep trust. You can even tell him that you will have coffee with his best friend, without fear of being censored. Besides, he is a man who is willing to listen to you and look for a solution, should you need it.

Listen to his problems without judging yourself, you know that he will always be there when you need him.

He’s the one who does everything to get along with his family and his friendly circle. Besides, you don’t have to make much effort. A good boyfriend tries to be present in your social circle, just as you are in his.

Finally, remember that if it is the right way, he will help you in good times and bad. Besides, it is someone you know who will stay with you, you have no doubts.

Enteresting facts

As meaning number 4, we have the representation of solidity and all that is tangible, this number was used by Pythagoras to refer to the name of God, all because, for Pythagoras, that number was perfect.

In numerology, the 4 comes to mean stability and progress within the personality, in addition to indicating the ability to organize, on the other hand, having a block number 4 in personality means difficulty in progress.

The number 4 is strongly linked to the symbol of the cross and the square, but the link with the cross makes this number even more important.

In Japan, there is a whole superstition behind the number 4, it is believed to be linked to death; therefore, any representation or even pronunciation of that number is now avoided by the Japanese.

If we look at the biblical perspective number 4, it gives the idea of universality, in several passages of the book of Revelation, it is possible to find the presence of this number of quotations.

For example: 4 horsemen who bring 4 great plagues, 4 destructive angels who occupy the 4 corners of the earth, 4 fields of the twelve tribes of Israel, are 4 evangelists who write about the life of Jesus (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) , among other passages that bring the 4 with you.

It is not only in Christianity that the number 4 can have a representation, in the sacred book of Hinduism, we have a division into four parts:

It is believed that all people can be represented by a number; in the case of number 4, they are stable people and people who like to defend traditions.

Other characteristics that can be seen by the people represented by number 4 are loyalty, organization, seriousness, honesty and perseverance.

We see a very systematic personality within these people, who always want to do everything in the same way, being objective and valuing small details.

Responsibility is a very strong characteristic here, but on the negative side we have people who like to criticize too much, because they think everything is better and end up demanding a lot from each other.

So they can have problems at work, especially if they are in a leadership position, where they tend to demand too much from people, even with their aspect of patience, which is not always well seen, which can lead to conflict.

Rigidity certainly gets in the way of these people, who can do everything only one way, they are never open to the new. Within the relationship they also show this perfectionism, needing the other to give them comfort and security to feel loved within the relationship. The comrades represented by number 4 always lead the solution of problems and conflicts.

What does number 8 mean? The number eight represents those people with a great personality, very tenacious when it comes to reaching their goals and their astrological equivalent is Saturn. They are people with grass ambition and grass willpower.

They are people with a lot of energy and they love success, and that is why they do everything they need to achieve it, no matter what. When they put something between their eyebrows, they do everything they can to get it and they don’t allow anyone to get in the way. Do you know the meaning of the number eight in your life? Find out what vibration it has in your personality.

They are easily impressed by its high degree of sensitivity and everything related to the doctor, be it operations or anything that happens to them and bleeds, scares them. They are very independent people and great organizers, which leads them to wish them success and always dream big and always seek the best.

The sevens are realistic, practical and constructive in all their actions, which is why they are not carried away by their emotions and are not easily deceived.

When they have to make a decision, they study and analyze so as not to be deceived. They have total control of themselves and know how to control in any situation, so they have everything under control, whether in their sentimental life as a professional.

Now you can find out a little more about the people who have eight in their name and understand the meaning of number 8.

The eight (8) have a strong and arrogant personality that sometimes scares people who want to get close. They are people who spend their lives with great security.

They are very intelligent and sagacious people in everything they propose and do not hesitate to use all their naivety to achieve their goals.

Their strong character and ambition to succeed sometimes lead them to manipulate people in their interest. They have a magnetism that I love and they have a great power of conviction.

With a refined taste, the number 8 does no harm when it comes to despising all those who do not resemble them, such as the clumsy or those who do not fulfill their canons of perfection.

They like fun, very sociable and eloquent, which makes many people admire them. They are enthusiastic people in all facets of life and spread their enthusiasm. They try to live life to the fullest and generally do not miss any of the opportunities that arise.

Being a very difficult person to know in depth can sometimes surprise. Once they are affectionate and suddenly indifferent, many consider the eight to be a hypocritical person.

Because they are ambitious people with a great dowry of conviction, they usually dazzle people by what they generate admiration, but in a sentimental way they are usually not very faithful.

Number 4848

The number 4848 is special in its own way, and the message behind it is different from the other numbers.

If this number has appeared in your life, it must be a good reason; so listen carefully to its vibrations.

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