Angel Number 404 : Meaning and Symbolism

Our guardian angels are always somewhere around us, looking over us and guiding us. They don’t usually interfere in our lives, but they watch our actions closely and are ready to react if there is need.

When they need to send us a specific message or advice, our guardian angels use various signs to communicate with us, such as repeating words, songs, feathers, numbers, etc.

By using numbers as a means to attract our attention, the angels keep repeating the same numbers or number patterns until we start thinking about their meaning.

The information that the angels wish to deliver to you can be discovered by interpreting the symbolism of the number you frequently see.

If you are seeing a lot of the number 404 lately, on the lines below, you can read about its symbolism and, with luck, decipher its message.

Number 404 – What does that mean?

The number 404 is a mixture of the energies of the numbers 4 and 0. The number 4 appears twice in that number and its power is amplified. The number 0 increases the energy of other numbers, in this case the number 4, which means that the influence of the number 4 on that number is very strong.

The number 0 symbolizes the universal energies and God. This number also symbolizes potential, chances, new beginnings, closings, infinity, eternity, totality, unity, phases and cycles. The number 0 symbolizes the spiritual journey of a person that ends in spiritual enlightenment.

As a blend of these energies, the number 404 means using effort and hard work to create a solid foundation for the future. It also symbolizes determination, integrity, honesty, advancing toward your goals, closings, new beginnings, endings, and beginnings of phases and cycles in life, tradition, patience, and practicality.

This number also means a spiritual journey with the goal of achieving spiritual enlightenment.

The Secret Meaning

Number 404 is a confirmation from the Universe and its guardian angels that their hard work and efforts to fulfill the mission and purpose of their soul in this life have led them to the right path in life.

They encourage you to continue the good work, trusting that you have the guidance and support of your angels and the Universe at all times.

The angels want you to know that they are always around you, ready to help you.

They give you encouragement and support even if you are not aware of it. If you encounter an obstacle or a challenge, you can always call upon them to help you overcome it. They ask that you trust that all your problems can be solved with their help and guidance.

The number 404 is a message from your angels and Archangels, encouraging you to continue the good work you are doing in building a secure foundation for your future.

They are asking you to listen to their inner guidance and seek answers from within to find the right steps you need to take to achieve your goals and desires.

Keep your focus and determination because you are going in the right direction.

The angels are asking you to release all fears regarding your future and the fulfillment of your mission and life purpose. They are always there for you to guide and support you; you just need to call them.


People who resonate with the number 404 are generally not relationship oriented. These people are mainly focused on their business and on building a secure financial foundation for their future.

When they meet a person with similar goals, they can be very reliable and responsible partners and can build a lasting relationship with them.

Facts of numerology

Number 404 is a combination of influences of numbers 4 and 0, as well as number 8 as the sum of these three numbers.

The number 4 symbolizes focus, determination, tradition, traditional values, honesty, integrity, building a solid foundation for the future, reliability, responsibility and patience.

The number 0 symbolizes potential, new beginnings, endings, closings, infinity, eternity, phases and cycles in life, flow, spirituality and spiritual development.

The number 8 symbolizes the manifestation of wealth and abundance in your life, business, reliability, focus, efficiency and realism.

As a mixture of these attributes and influences, the number 404 means to focus on creating stability and solid foundations for the future, manifesting wealth and abundance, and developing spiritually.

This number also means closure and new beginnings, responsibility, reliability, potential, business, focus, efficiency, tradition and traditional values, realism and honesty.

The people who resonate with the number 404 are realistic, focused on building secure and stable foundations for their future, especially financial ones.

These people are business oriented and know how to manifest wealth and abundance in their lives. They are responsible, honest, determined, reliable and efficient.


The number 404 generally means resistance and overcoming obstacles and challenges. Angels are asking you to have faith in your abilities to overcome any difficulty you encounter.

This number is asking you to be patient when things are not going the way you planned.

Do not be impatient; trust that everything is going according to the Divine plan for your life. Angels also remember that everything happens in divine time.

The number 404 is also teaching you the need to strive and strive to achieve some important goals and desires. They ask that you recognize that not everything can fall into your lap; there are things you need to work hard to achieve.

The angels are teaching you the gift of accepting reality as it is. Trust that things are happening for your greater good, even if they don’t seem so to you. In time you will realize that the results have been much better than you could have expected.

This number is asking you to continue learning and acquiring new knowledge. They are also reminding you not to be selfish and share the knowledge you have by teaching others the truths you have discovered.

When this number appears in your life, it may be a reminder for you to start pursuing your long-term goals and dreams. Angels are asking that you have no restrictions on your desires.

They want you to trust that anything is possible if you believe and put in the right efforts. If you seek wealth and abundance, do not restrict your manifestation by limiting the amount of wealth and abundance you wish to receive in your thoughts.

The important thing is to really expect that amount of wealth and abundance to manifest in your life.

The angels remind you that you appreciate their blessings. Express your gratitude and appreciation to the Universe and its guardian angels for helping you achieve what you desire.

Also, be sure to express your gratitude and appreciation to the people who helped and supported you along the way to achieving your success.

Share your blessings with others. The Universe will reward your sincere appreciation and gratitude, as well as your generosity.

In some cases, the number 404 is a reminder to be more trustworthy and stay true to your promises. Do what you have promised and be a good example to others. Do not disappoint others.

This number is asking you to keep your focus on your goals and not allow others to discourage you from doing so.

Know what your desires are and courageously pursue them. Surround yourself with people who will support and help your endeavors and who wish to succeed. Get rid of destructive and negative people who are trying to undermine your efforts and achievements.

Ask your guardian angels and the Universe to help you get them out of your life.

Remember to always have positive thoughts and positive expectations in any situation. Expect the best and that is what you will receive.

Trust that you are able to be or do anything that your mind can think of and not be afraid to follow your wishes.

You know that you can always count on the help and support of your guardian angels and archangels.

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