Angel Number 3838 : Meaning and Symbolism

If you never thought your guardian angels were watching you, think twice. They appear in your life when you least expect them, and always through little signs like numbers.

One of those numbers is number 3838, so keep reading to find out more about it.

Number 3838 – What does that mean?

You agree with me that when you work at home, you need to apply good habits and systems to be as productive as possible, right?

Number 3838 is motivating you to be more open to new things and to live your life fully. Positivity is one of them, it is essential to be positive to be more productive.

The attitude with which you sit down to work in front of the computer has a huge impact on your productivity. Surely you have noticed that when you are happy, you work much more at ease, you are more creative, you have more desire to do new and better projects, right?

However, not everyone adopts a positive attitude towards life, but let’s start from the beginning.

Lack of concentration and fatigue is one of the main reasons for not being at full capacity. You are not a machine capable of producing from 8am to 5pm non-stop, still working at home. You are a person and as such your ability to work is affected by different factors.

This tiredness has a huge impact on your mood. If you are tired, it is much harder to have a positive attitude.

The fact that you can’t concentrate or aren’t being creative will make the same work cost a lot more. Or that due to your tiredness you don’t do a good job and as a result you should repeat it the next day because you don’t like the way it’s been. These are the consequences of working when you are tired.

Having your tasks clear and knowing how long it takes to do them is another aspect that affects your attitude. Your organizational capacity will make you more or less positive. Being clear about what you should do provides security, peace of mind, confidence in yourself.

Having your work organized and controlled allows you to rest your mind because you have everything under control.

At the same time, this feeling of control and clear mind allows you to see everything with other eyes, the eyes of a positive mind.

The secret meaning

Not knowing how to prioritize is another reason why you can adopt a negative attitude and therefore be much less productive. If you are not sure about your tasks or the importance that each of them can have at any time, you will be doing your job without any organization.

And, as I just said, organization and a sense of control are essential to being positive and even more so when you work at home.

It is very important that you have clear objectives, what you want to achieve in each project or in each area of your life.

This will help you to choose what is most important to do at each moment, and that way you won’t waste time on tasks that aren’t so important and that will help you work in a much more relaxed way, because you’ll realize that you’re moving forward at the right address.

What is better than working on what is really important, with ideal conditions, tranquility, enjoying the moment and with a positive, motivated and creative attitude?


Among these souls, a total complicity is established and they support and care for each other with a pure and altruistic love, forming a perfect ensemble that will remain united until the physical death of one of the individuals.

The second theory is based on the frequency with which the souls vibrate. Each person has a soul, which is their purest essence, so we are all soul mates.

However, all souls vibrate at a different frequency (which may be more subtle or more dense), depending on whether selfless love or selfishness predominates in them.

Souls who are on a very similar vibratory wave are soul mates. Since their vibration is in resonance, in the same tone, they easily tune in, attract and complement each other.

A soul mate knows his mate better than anyone else and, like a mirror, reflects strong and weak points, even the most hidden, dark and painful corners. A person incapable of accepting and loving himself will never have a complete and happy relationship with another.

When you meet your soul mate, an intense feeling of “déjà vue” arises from the depths of being. What happens is that it is unconsciously perceived that this person has been known before, and that it is really a reunion with an old friend or an old love.

Every meeting of two soul mates is a new opportunity. Sometimes their history repeats itself, but others, when people have the most developed intuition, are able to avoid the mistakes they made in the past.

Soul mates don’t need to talk to communicate. There is such a deep connection between them that they clearly perceive everything the other person feels and thinks. It can be said that there is a code of signs of the soul mates, which can only be deciphered by the mate.

They respond to the emotional signals they perceive in the other, showing their support and affection with a hug or a simple look. Moreover, this communication can even occur through dreams.

Two soul mates do not always share all of their opinions or points of view, because after all, they are two different people. However, their philosophy of life is the same and there are no secrets between them.

Being together they have the feeling of being one soul and this gives them strength and a deep inner calm. Together they are able to face and overcome all the problems that fate has in store for them.

Enteresting facts

No doubt the controversy of knowing what the true meaning of number 38 is is striking. In part of the media, we have discussed how many negative aspects this number can have.

While in the other part of the networks we talk about how positive and beneficial that number can be. For this reason, you should stay and read through to the end. We guarantee you won’t regret it!

According to numerology experts, the representation of each number is given by the union of the meanings of each figure that composes it.

Therefore, to deduce the representation of the number 38, it is important to know what is the meaning of each digit that composes it and which positive and / or negative aspects can be deducted or added to each of them.

The number three is a number known to represent emotions. A person defined with this figure is a totally sincere person, it is not difficult to express what you feel or say what you think.

These people are extremely familiar beings. Their life revolves around their work and their family.

They do not give up so easily. In the work environment, they are creative people with great ideas, they love that each thing flows in its own way.

On the other hand, the number eight is a figure that represents control and organization. A person defined with this new is very organized, who likes to keep everything in his hands.

She is controlling and dominant, demands that people in her environment follow each of her orders or instructions.

Usually, these people are kept in a tense work environment, because they like to control and, in some occasions, can pass a little of the hand.

Nevertheless, these people quickly achieve success, as they devote every moment of their lives to fulfilling all the requirements necessary to reach the top.

Now, if we see the number 38 through its symbolism; we can notice that it has great positive and negative aspects. Therefore, we have decided to talk about them to the maximum.

One of the positive elements that most represents the number thirty-eight is that people defined with those digits are artistic and intuitive.

They are also emotional people. Wherever they are, they are always seeing the most favorable side of life.

Although they always do this without neglecting the consequences that some action may compromise or at such a high level that a situation may become.

Now, although the meaning of number 38 has great negative aspects to consider, only two of them stand out. The first aspect is that these people tend to be mindless souls.

On several occasions, they may be in the world of the imagination while at a business meeting or just talking to someone.

Finally, the second negative aspect of thirty-eight-year-olds is that they are usually strong people; if things don’t happen as they expected or if some situation is not to their liking, they usually react in a hysterical way.

These people need to learn to improve their character so that in this way they can improve their social, family and work environment.

Number 3838

Welcoming the numbers in your world can be highly beneficial; therefore, always pay attention if they are near you and pay attention to the numbers that appear in your life daily.

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