Angel Number 142 : Meaning and Symbolism

The number 142 in numerology represents the earth, refers to everything that is concrete and stable.

A path of life is generally disciplined and methodical. It solves problems head-on. Justice and honesty are very important to her.

Number 142 – What does that mean?

Number 142 represents the order, method, organization, concrete and everything that happens. People whose life path is number 142 are strong and straight. They leave nothing to chance and always finish the tasks they perform.

At the professional level, people on the path of life are successful in various businesses. The work is not hard work, but an achievement in itself. They have a sense of responsibility and trust.

On the sentimental level, the number 142 is fully invested in their relationships. For him, actions count for more than words.

Everything must be concrete, both professionally and emotionally. In his home, he is also the most accomplished. He is very involved in his family and never gives up.

Number 142 appreciates everything that is materialized. He invests in his projects to realize them. They are hard-working, ruthless, beaten people.

They also have an eye for detail that can sometimes lead to maniacs. Organized and voluntary, he appreciates success because he does not give up easily.

However, their stubbornness and anxiety about wanting to succeed can sometimes confuse the people around them. He is easily anchored in the routine and sudden change can destabilize him. Having bearings and being safe allows it to be fulfilled.

The number 142 is ambitious and generous. Often, with good advice, he also cares about those around him and his work.

The number 142 represents the square and the cross, its color is green and its planet Mars. It also symbolizes the 142 seasons of the year, spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the 142 elements such as fire, earth, air and water.

Its personal numbers, such as its date of birth, are pieces of the puzzle that define its existence. Now determine your life path.

The secret meaning

For life is a long and patient construction … And in this, we can say that, in numerology, the number 142 is precisely a true symbol of life … The famous “patience and time”, so often taught in moral lessons, takes its dimension here.

Building, step by step, to achieve all its objectives: it is a constant that we find in all individuals under the influence of 4.

Methodical, rigorous and courageous, the least we can say is that they never hesitate with the stain. They find their greatest satisfaction in the perfect realization of their projects.

Some even consider them more needy than methodical. But make no mistake: devoting time to the execution of your project shows nothing of laziness.

On the contrary, it is putting all the odds aside for success to come to an end. And that requires an acute sense of organization and real perseverance in the effort.

A characteristic that is often denounced by your closest entourage. Some even end up getting tired of this rather gloomy view of life and gradually stand out.

It is therefore a question for the “4” to work on this aspect which necessarily harms its splendour and even its power of seduction.

In esoteric terms, the 142 symbolizes the earth and the tangible. And the least we can say is that the “4” are firmly on the ground. So much so that sometimes they sink! It is always this pessimistic tendency that gives them the impression of a real weight of things when a more positive approach would obviously allow them to float without any problem for all the little annoyances of existence.

But their naturalness always encourages them to refer only to concrete results and prevents them from projecting themselves further into analysis. A kind of blockage that makes them lose enthusiasm, even if, in the end, they never give up.

Moreover, the “4” never gives up. They are not the type who give up along the way and prefer to even suffer, rather than admit that they did not resist to the end. Someone even wonders if there’s really no real taste in suffering. As if altruism and courage always had to be accompanied by a little pain.

We cannot, of course, accuse them of masochism, but suffering is, for them, the testimony of a job well done, of which, in the end, they always end up being proud.

Therefore, there is a real rigidity in them that makes them hate everything that is not finished for lack of courage …

For “4”, the concept of a professional career is of absolute importance. Ideally, the “4” is seen in an upward trajectory from beginning to end of its course.

He is not the type who wants to change company and even less business. Professional promotion strongly attracts you, but only if it occurs within the same structure.

In reality, he needs references and has a real aversion to unexpected events or radical changes. This is not really a lack of adaptability, but more a need to feel secure and, finally, not to take too many risks.


Because the “4” is not really an adventurer at heart. In fact, he fears any element that might divert him from his ideal course.

In these conditions, he can panic quickly and not control anything else if a harmful element gets in his way.

The loss of his job or the separation, if he lives in a couple, are harmful events for him from which he is almost convinced that he can never recover!

Therefore, his urgent need should always be reassured, whether about his affection for him or his judgment about his professional value.

He generally respects the hierarchy and always expects to be appreciated by his leaders and colleagues.

The dark side of his personality is that if opposing events touch him, he immediately closes himself in his shell … And once hidden in his refuge, it is very difficult to extract him! Especially since he has a tendency to redo his problems and dry out.

This can lead him to become aggressive or even possibly violent. He has a very developed spirit of revenge and, to be honest, it is better not to betray him if we want to avoid exposing himself to serious problems!

Enteresting facts

14 of the Tarot is the fourteenth card of the game. The number XIIII writes like this to show that the advance on the initiatory path is made little by little and by the progressive addition of stages one by one (we find this writing with the maps of Emperor IIII and the Sun XVIIII).

The Tarot number 14 can be equal to 12 + 2 (Le Pendu + La Papesse), which would put this letter on a totally spiritual level. Adding the two figures that make up the arcane 142 + 1 = 5 (The Pope), we find again the spiritual connotation.

All these numbers share the same symbolism of spirituality, meditation and the fluid that allows things and beings to communicate. The vessels are two in number, duality and opposite to what temperance knows to tame by its act

The number 14 on the Tarot represents stability. It’s time to take care of yourself and harmonize what already exists. The path continues with an increasingly present message about the importance of energy. The Tarot teaches us how to activate this energy.


Seeing the number 142 in your life will help you push yourself in the right direction and make the decisions that will ultimately put you in a much better position.

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