Angel Number 138 : Meaning and Symbolism

The number 138 is the most powerful of all. Their strength, discipline and perseverance in the face of any obstacle make them worthy of the power, honor and success they will have during their lives.

Their imposing presence is fearful and demands respect, they cause great admiration for others, and usually surround themselves with people with good resources or good position.

Number 138 – What does that mean?

The people represented by the number 138 are characterized by their successes and the majority will win, it is rare that he can not stand out in what he does.

They like to be recognized, stand out and have a preferential place in any area in which they work.

They stand out because they are extraordinary leaders, dedicated and committed to their goal, generally imposing and feared; they will stop at nothing to achieve the expected results.

They tend to have control of their family, company and employees and, in the case of everything around them, this will be welcomed by others in exchange for the safety and material protection that this native offers in return.

This vibration is developed by natives from an early age because they usually grow up in a home or family with a very strong perception of deficiencies or economic limitations; therefore, this personality will feel the need to ensure that nothing will be missing. him or himself in the future.

His desire to get out of the economic situation which he perceived in his childhood will lead him to relate to ambition, power and success, for nothing will be enough; he will strive to have the best, the greatest, the greatest amount and, if possible, in a chain even better.

Most people perceive them as beings with great security and self-control, capable of achieving everything they desire, builders of their own destiny, based on work and discipline, will be the object of great admiration and respect for others.

Perfectionists in everything they do, with an incomparable scent for identifying good business, profitable projects and making the right decisions, are a kind of modern King Midas, since practically everything they touch makes them golden.

This personality knows perfectly what it is capable of achieving and makes no concessions for less, gives everything, but also demands a lot, which is usually too much for less intense people, for them it must be all or nothing, yes or no, black or white, now or never.

Generally, Number 138 is implicitly considered at the top of the hierarchical order of authority, they were born to command and be obeyed, their authority is unquestionable, especially in times of crisis, so that they almost always become irreplaceable people who imprint security and confidence on others

The vibration of this number 138 gives to any Personal Number the necessary qualities to achieve any objective that it establishes, promoting the construction of material and solid bases for all the numbers with which it is combined, giving them a practical nuance and utilitarian to the characteristics of each one of them.

The secret meaning

Number 1 shows an extraordinarily individualistic, unique and original person who usually looks for different ways and means of doing things, the further away from normality and standardization he or she will feel the more fulfilled they are, people who from a very young age were motivated by their family or different environment, bold, courageous, ambitious and self-confident.

No one would think that a person with a personality could be afraid of something or need someone to achieve his goals and, basically, is or ends up being so, even if the essence of the native is completely opposite.

There is a great tendency to become stubborn and hard to influence, which other people think does not take away your sleep, you do not need to look good with someone other than yourself.

He likes to experience things personally and does not mind making mistakes or paying the consequences of his actions if he has followed your impulses or your will. It is governed by the motto “live and let live.

These people have as their main goal to achieve their professional goals, they are passionate about starting bold projects, original plans, new companies, creating new methods to do things.


We always see a number everywhere, on the clock, on the plates of all the cars that cross our path or for any reason that is on the pages of the books and maybe it is part of your birth number, so that we can speculate or doubt what it is. means, here we say everything related to 138.

Its meaning is that a phase of your life is ending. It can be interpreted that if you are in a bad professional situation or with a sentimental problem and you are 138 years old, you will be at the end of the tunnel or on the road that worries you so much.

Certainly, at some point one of these situations happened to you and the truth is that nothing is going well, but everything ends and you will be strengthened from this situation.

If you find the repetition of the number 138 in your life, it means that you must be patient, because your discomfort or discomfort is coming to an end and you will soon recover from this situation.

The number 138 is related to people with strong character and ambition in the world of work and personal. It also refers to power. They are people with great willpower and who like to act to please everyone.

We always see a number everywhere, on the clock, on the plates of all the cars that cross our path or for any reason that is on the pages of the books and maybe it is part of your birth number, so that we can speculate or doubt what that is. means, here we say everything related to 138.

The number 138 is associated with positivity and good luck. 138 is the plus digit and is repeated in nature, so that when it appears repeatedly in our lives, everything you propose, that you are wanting and that you are fighting will be fulfilled.

It symbolizes that all the challenges that you propose and project will work well thanks to the positivism of the number 138 and the good luck that it associated.

Only 138 symbolizes expansion and is governed by ideals, philosophy, training and great journeys.

The number 138 is committed to life in search of this deeper and deeper meaning. This means that if we find it triple, 138, it indicates that we have to move in search of the ideal that we have, but we always have positivism

You must listen to your intuition and let yourself know what you need to heal from your experiences.

You must trust yourself when it comes to healing inner conflicts of great anguish, and you will meet interesting people who will help you alleviate your ills in a short time.

You should pay attention to the signs and messages that can be sent to you by ascending masters through dreams, signs and people you have just met.

You have the ability to change everything that is happening to you during your last unpleasant experiences.

You have the ability to make a quality leap in your life and in your everyday life, thanks to the good works you are doing.

There are many hopes for the good placed in you, and you must know when you will be prepared to accomplish the absolute good.

Enteresting facts

People who have the number 138 in their lives stand out for their charisma. They are intelligent and open-minded people with a vital optimism that disappears as soon as the routine arrives.

They need to be active, unleash their creativity and practice their social skills. They are often dedicated to the art world because of their need to capture all of their inner boiling.

The best thing about number 138 is that he is a brilliant person in every way, inside and out. He has no skills to achieve professional success and his talent is proven in all areas of life.

But the number 138 loses interest easily. If you are dealing with long-term projects, you can leave them unfinished because you like to see the result of your effort as quickly as possible. Also, your positivity and sociable character are often imposed.

It is very easy to fall in love with the number 138, because they are lovely people who conquer your charisma and also with your ease of speech. They know exactly what to say so that you fall at their feet, and for a time you will have a happy and balanced couple.

However, time goes by and we have already said that number 138 loses interest. That is why infidelity is presented as a useful resource to put a little action into your life and get excited about something new.

Despite its brilliance or, precisely for this reason, the number 138 presents incompatibilities with many numbers, perhaps because of that angel who dominates others.

If it fits well with other numbers, it will be with number 1, the only one who can shade in terms of charisma. It can also be compatible with the number 138.


The number 138 also corresponds to mental agility, sense of humor and ability to seduce.

We are facing a powerful and overwhelming angel who also has a positive attitude. A number 138 in his life spreads happiness.

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