Angel Number 133 : Meaning and Symbolism

Angel Number 133

Angels are always present in our lives, but not everyone is aware of that. Angels often try to communicate with us, using different signs to attract our attention.

They often use numbers as a means to provide some information about our lives.

They will keep making you see the same numbers over and over again until you realize that what is happening is not a coincidence.

To decipher the meaning that the angels are trying to convey, you need to know the meaning of the number you keep seeing.

If the number 133 is what you often see, you can read about the meaning in the text below.

Number 133 – What does that mean?

The number 133 combines the energy and attributes of numbers 1 and 3.

The number 1 means new beginnings, intuition, progress, success, happiness, instinct, creation, search, motivation, will power and ambition. This number also means manifestation using our thoughts, actions and beliefs.

The number 3 means optimism, enthusiasm, self-expression, creativity, growth, expansion, communication and manifestation. The number 3 is the number of the Ascended Masters.

Master Number 33 symbolizes guidance, spiritual enlightenment of humanity, blessings, compassion, teaching, healing, honesty, courage, discipline, and inspiration.

The number 133 in general means new beginnings, spiritual enlightenment, intuition, introspection, healing, analysis, teaching, self-expression, independence, self-sufficiency, and creativity.

The people who resonate with the number 133 are very intuitive, self-sufficient, introspective, wise, spiritual, independent and creative.

They always want to discover more about themselves and their environment. They like new beginnings.

Before embarking on something new, they analyze in detail the reasons for doing so. They gain their wisdom by observing their environment and communicating with people.

These people are spiritually oriented.

They are determined and self-sufficient. They enjoy social gatherings, but they also prefer their time alone. They like professional meetings where they can exchange information and expand their knowledge.

The secret meaning

Number 133 is asking you to give all your doubts, worries and fears to the angels and the Ascended Masters.

Trust that they are offering all your support and protection. Have faith that the things in your life are unfolding in the right direction and for your greater good.

This issue is asking that you take an optimistic approach to life. Angels are asking you to feel joy and trust that your wishes will soon be manifested.

They are asking that you be open to their guidance, especially with regard to your spiritual development and the steps you need to take along that path.


The number 133 is a good number related to love issues. This number that appears in your life is announcing improvements in your relationship.

If you have had any misunderstandings with your partner recently, expect them to be resolved soon.

Angels are encouraging you to fight for your love and do everything possible to overcome the obstacles that you and your partner may be facing.

This number is asking that you be strong and not discouraged by the problems that you and your partner can deal with.


The essence of number 133 is intuition and introspection. When the number 133 is reduced to a single digit, it becomes the number 7.

That is why this number is a mixture of energies and attributes of numbers 1, 3 and 7.

The number 7 in general means wisdom, spirituality, intuition and introspection.

The number 1 usually means self-determination, success, independence, new beginnings and new ideas. The number 3 in general means creativity, expression and tolerance.

As a blend of these energies, this number also indicates internal wisdom and analysis.

People who resonate with the number 133 pursue their goals on their own.

They like to discover new ways of doing things and solving problems. They have an innovative spirit. They are good at analysis. They like to express themselves creatively. They have good interactions with others. They like to gain wisdom and knowledge in various areas.

If number 133 is your destination number, you are probably a very wise and self-sufficient person.

You are creative and like to do things on your own. You are also very intuitive. You like literary and scientific activities.


The number 133 that appears in your life means satisfaction with your life and current circumstances.

When this number appears in your life, you are probably feeling stable and secure because you have done an excellent job in achieving the success you are now enjoying.

Angels are congratulating you on your hard work, determination, and accomplishments, but they are also reminding you to keep working and pursuing your goals.

Life always demands new things and expansion, and that means new goals you need to achieve.

The angels are asking you to focus on your goals, and they want you to know that you have their support and guidance if you need them.

The number 133 also means abundance and prosperity.

When it begins to appear in your life, angels want you to know that there are some positive changes in your career and finances waiting for you in the near future. Expect new fortunate opportunities for increased finances or career advancement with a salary increase.

This number may also herald some other types of abundance and prosperity that will enter your life in the near future.

This number is often a reminder to be more independent. Angels are asking you to trust your abilities and show more confidence and determination in achieving your goals.

Don’t allow yourself to be overly dependent on other people. You need to start trusting yourself.

Invoke the angels to feel discouraged and worried. They will give you the necessary impulse of encouragement.

When they begin to send out the number 133, angels may be reminding you to enjoy your freedom more. Do things that you like to do that make you happy no matter what others may say about it. Stop wasting your time and start enjoying life and your independence.

This number is asking that you be determined to overcome your challenges and achieve what you want. Angels are encouraging you about your abilities to accomplish everything your heart desires.

Have faith and trust that the angels will help you along the way. Be open to their guidance and support.

The angels are asking you to discover your true heart’s desires and then focus on realizing them. Do not allow anyone or anything to discourage you; much less your fears and doubts.

With the number 133, the angels are sending a message of support and asking you to believe in yourself and gain confidence in your abilities.

Ask them for help if you have questions and concerns about the steps you need to take. They are waiting for your request for help, ready to answer.

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