Angel Number 1188 : Meaning and Symbolism

If 1188 begins to appear in abundance in your life or somewhere quite evident, it is a sign of good luck. Follow your heart. Do not be afraid of changes that may appear in your path.

They may be the best. Better days will come especially in the field of finance.

Number 1188 – What does that mean?

1188 should put the real value of money into perspective, not associate your ego with it or try to repair your past injuries with money. The 1188 has the ability, talent and courage to make more than one fortune and build many successful businesses.

More than most people, his failures in marriage can be extremely expensive for him.

You were created by the divine intelligence of the Power of Life, in its image and likeness. For this reason, like nature, each of your functions and characteristics is imbued with this divine intelligence that created you.

Live your life with a greater purpose than to survive day after day. Do something that has meaning for you and that fills your life with a purpose. Visualize yourself being and achieving everything you want and always act according to that purpose.

Stay present, do not lose yourself in the past or the future. Pay attention to what is happening around you to make the most of the moment and understand the signs and possibilities that life offers you.

Be creative in what you do. Allow yourself to experience new things and different ways of doing what you should do. You are a being with unlimited creative power: take advantage of it!

You can create everything you want for yourself in your life; first, be clear about what you want, ask the Universe and act in a way that brings you closer to your goals.

Let things flow easily: put aside what was already there and concentrate on the present. When something is no longer useful, you don’t contribute, you don’t use it, you leave it there. The universe will always bring you known things that improve with the person you are now and with whom you want to become.

You will always receive everything you need and what you ask for. Be clear about what you want to obtain and achieve. Visualize, affirm, and act accordingly. Have faith: life will always show you the way.

The secret meaning

The 8 is the symbol of material, money, power, ambition, strength / vigor, intelligence, daring, but also of pride, intolerance, domination and impulsiveness.

Esoteric meaning: the two circles of the eight represent the life cycles of the eight, which generally know great successes, but also sometimes very important reversals of fortune, if their failures / imbalances are not controlled.

The eight is endowed with natural leadership and capacity to accumulate great wealth. He has a great talent for management in all areas of life, especially in commercial and financial matters. He understands the material world and knows intuitively what most businesses do. His talent does not reside in accounting or day-to-day management, but rather in vision and long-term goals.

He is a visionary and at the same time somewhat imprudent. He has the ability to inspire people to join him in his quest, but often others are unable to see what he sees. Therefore, people around him often need advice, inspiration and encouragement.

His challenges in life are to achieve a high degree of detachment and to understand that power and influence should be used for the benefit of humanity.

The 11 must understand the relative value of money so as not to sink into greed, which would put him at risk of losing everything. It is not uncommon for an 11 to fail and fail financially due to excessive greed.

Business, finance, real estate are among the professional suits you like best. The 8 is naturally drawn to positions of influence and leadership where his abilities can shine.

Although often jovial in nature, it is generally not very demonstrative to show love and affection. The desire for luxury and comfort is particularly strong in him. Social status is very important to him. But he should avoid living beyond his means. He does not tolerate indifference or interference from others, he likes to maintain a certain control, a mastery of things.

11 must be careful not to become arrogant or domineering, which could risk isolating him or leading him into conflict. Also, this type of defect is usually the cause of his loss.

The people he’s most likely to hurt are the ones he loves: his family and friends. He must be careful not to become too stubborn, intolerant, bossy and impatient.

Finally, he must be careful to maintain a certain balance between material life and personal life. By mastering his failures and imbalances well, he can access very important successes and successes.


If you find yourself at a bad time when you see this number, be it loneliness or a bad relationship that will soon change. If you meet a new person during this time, it will be very important for your life. It’s time to let go of what belongs to the past and start new things.

Your emotional side will get much better in the near future, and old wounds may finally close or at least become more tolerable. Spirits tell you that you are not alone or alone and that everything will improve.

Also love more and trust yourself more. Self-love is very important. It is a great time to fall in love with yourself as you have never loved yourself before. Accept the changes.

If you are already in a positive and prosperous period, it is a reminder that you need to take good care of what you already have and plan for the future. Your endurance will be tested very soon. A challenge is on the way, and you will be able to come out of it in an even better position.

Help your friends if they are in a dark situation, but be careful not to be too generous. There are many opportunists who would do anything to take possession of your unique gifts.

Enteresting facts

1188 is a symbol of stability and abundance. If you meet with it, you can find a solution to your debts.

As a person, it is highly adaptable to situations. Flexible, it seems unstable, but it does not lose its balance.

1188 is considered a master number because it consists of the repetition of a simple mirror number.

These numbers have a double energy and the people associated with them tend to have more intense characteristics than the others.

Thus, we have a unique combination of a broad and careful vision with the efficiency needed to achieve it. It may be a symbol that precedes fortune, but it also serves to warn that unless new care is employed, injuries may be on the way.

It is also a unique number to have as a date of birth. People born on that date can undergo significant changes in the course of their lives.

Unlike number 5, which changes greatly due to the emergence of new interests and some indecision, 1188 as an individual you follow your path to the end.

They are just agile enough to wear many different uniforms throughout their lives. Each change is very well calculated.

Adaptable, it is not strange to see, for example, an 88th full-time housewife and mother become a successful business woman or, alternatively, a well-established and promising professional who decides to change fields after some time.

In English, we have the expression “wearing many hats” (wearing many hats, this garment serves as a metonym for “profession”). 1188 is an impressive modality of this expression.

On the other hand, for 1188, there are no second chances. If they fail in any activity, they will almost never try again. They simply abandon and seek something new to do.

They also like to commit to just one or the other at a time. For this reason, they are reliable business partners as well as very loyal friends and relatives.

Try to control your relentless desire for revenge – all of us human beings are weak and imperfect, and you are no exception.

You must persevere in the face of your failures, disappointments and accidents: face the challenges they may bring. Don’t commit to more things than you can do to reduce the chance of harm.


The number 1188, whose movements give an idea of balance, appears to you twice.

It is the number of the balance sheet, or in this case, the balance sheet: more than any other person, you are responsible for harvesting what you plant, so try to do good whenever you can.

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