Angel Number 1177 : Meaning and Symbolism

Angel Number 1177

I invite you to discover the essence of the wonderful meaning of number 1177, number composed by the so-called spirituality number, 7.

Dedicate a few sacred minutes to learn, grow and, above all, get to know a little more, knowing the meaning of this wonderful number 7 and as an important orientation during the course of your life.

Number 1177 – What does that mean?

Number 1177 is associated with the seven worlds of which the seven wise seven symbolize the seven primitive races, the seven sacred cities, the seven sacred islands, the seven sacred seas, the seven deserts, the seven sacred trees.

The 1177 is a figure which arises from multiple aspects and is archetypically related to a great variety of situations and events which have occurred throughout time, such as the seven colors of the rainbow which for a long time were a surprising phenomenon, the diatonic musical. scale It is composed of seven sounds and the standard seven-day period used by the world.

For many cultures, 1177 is a magic number and has been used to determine important elements such as the Seven Wonders of the World or the Seven Wise Men of Greece.

The Pythagoreans call it the vehicle of human life, because it is composed of 3 and number 4 and unites the soul with the body. This wonderful number is also used in purifications.

You live more for your inner world than for others. You like to travel and discover new philosophies and beliefs. You are a scholar and lover of all knowledge.

If you want to know your life mission, add your birth date (day, month and year) and reduce it to a single digit.

What you learn during the course of your life is to be analytical, reflective, focused, to be alone without feeling alone, to develop faith, to study, to discover, to verify theorizing, to meditate, to develop your mind and intuition. To dig into the occult.

The secret meaning

1177 is endowed with freedom, wisdom and intuition. People under his influence are quite sincere, sometimes too much. If you continue to find this number in your life, perhaps your world-view will soon be considerably expanded.

This number is among the masters. That is, it consists of a simple number repeated once. In this way, it is energized triple: two doses of the number 7 and one dose of the number 5, because it can also be simplified (7 + 7 = 14, 1 + 4 = 5).

People who have a main number as a guide, usually because the date of birth coincides with it, tend to stand out from the crowd.

From 1177 onwards, this number acquires the analytical gift, introspection and wisdom. Of the 5 it owes its curiosity and attachment to freedom.

He can be seen to seek out any subject or experience that arouses his curiosity, which is not very difficult to happen. Let’s look a little more at the person born on that date.

People born on that date can be considered somewhat eccentric because of the enormous enthusiasm they develop for the smallest problems they face. Their analytical gift makes them apprehend other people much more than they would like to let go.

If you have ever spoken to a number 1177, you may well be surprised at how much information she has deduced from you, things that you did not even imagine you had lost.

This ability is not always well received, which means that they are often accused of interfering in other people’s affairs, especially when they reveal their inferences to others. Ignoring the fact that not everyone has the same ability, this number is sometimes only partially understood.

Another striking feature of 1177 is the intensity of their dreams. He is, in fact, considered a dreamer who devotes much more energy to his plans than other people usually do.

They engage in the mysterious and supernatural with some frequency, questioning the secret meaning of things and the nature of what comes after death. You like to have freedom in everything you do, even within your own mind.

As long as you are careful about the discoveries you make about other people, and know how to temper your enthusiasm, they will tend to come to you.

By working hard and keeping one foot on the ground, do not give up on reaching that distant dream.

Supernatural woodcutters are attracted to the tallest trees, those that touch the sky where the highest aspirations reside. Stay true to your goals and don’t let the world take you down.

Someday you will receive the recognition you deserve, whether in play or in love.


A lover of freedom and endowed with a comprehensive viewpoint, the 1177 is a lover that will rarely give cause for complaint.

He is able to understand your point of view and will hardly try to arrest you if you are not feeling comfortable.

They are even tolerant of their partners’ failures and weaknesses and never charge for what they cannot offer you.

It is one of the few numbers capable of feeling all forms of love, sometimes even for the same person.

Tolerance, however, sometimes has a cost. They often find themselves stuck with people who are incompatible with it.

1177 you may also become so intoxicated by love that you end up neglecting other areas of your life.

On the other hand, at the first meeting, they are able to find out many things about their or their suitor. Their curiosity and desire to see how things are going are also an incentive to move forward in relationships.

Few things do not arouse the interest of number 1177. They are especially attracted by stimuli from the senses, such as new tastes, new body movements in the form of dances or fights, new musical genres, and even varied people.

Number 1177 likes to make friends with different kinds of individuals, varying in age, social class, education and urban tribe.

Thus, it is very eclectic in tastes and friendships. Let’s see what 77 has to say about the other aspects of our lives.

Interesting facts

Paragraph 5, of which the 77 contract some of its characteristics, is the number of the amendment. And that is exactly what may be happening in your life.

The energy of number 7 also ensures that this change is the deep type, the one that begins within you, perhaps even on the spiritual side.

As far as the world of ideas is concerned, it is time for you to put into practice that crazy dream that has occupied your lost hours of sleep.

And if you come across an important issue, it is the call to trust your intuition and follow the path that the heart indicates.

Still within the scope of questions and uncertainties, if you are not seeing the path, soon your point of view will expand and you will see where to go.

The good spirits want you to stay calm. This revelation that you need so much is about to come.

The 1177 is not an invitation to open your eyes: the 1177 is the certainty that you will open your eyes whether you want to or not.

This constant research also pumps a lot of energy and may even, in the eyes of some, go through obsession pure and simple …

And it’s true that the 7th doesn’t just worry about the futile things in life. His apprehension of existence is much deeper and even has eminently philosophical contours.

They say that man is a thinking animal … and we must admit that, in this area, the 7th is indeed a sacred specimen in the matter!

The sacred mysteries of life always make him depart in endless cogitations. For the 7th, knowing where we came from is the best solution to know where we are going…

He also feels almost responsible for a mission on earth: to think of others!

He knows very well that the main part of his search is just a decoy and in the end he will never receive the philosophical answers to his spiritual questions, but he persists anyway, because that is what makes him move forward.

This consistency is also quite remarkable and even admires some. It must be said that the 7 usually shows great delicacy of mind and real intellectual acuity.

It can be boring after a while, but conversations with a “1177” are always rewarding and encourage one to look at the existence from a different angle…

This “contemplative” side of 1177 usually leads him to work in solitude. His mind is reasonably independent and it is often when he sees himself feeling better.

In short, 1177 is neither a tug-of-war nor a charismatic leader capable of training an entire team. That is why he usually enters professions where his independence is preserved (liberal professions in particular).

What’s more, he’s always afraid of feeling a little excluded, because he imagines himself to be quite disconnected from the society in which he lives. An a priori that often keeps him when it comes to reaching other people …


The meaning of number 1177 is defined with the energy of studies (it is your God), to reflect on an idea, of knowledge, spirit, mystery, sensitivity, reflection, mysticism, silence, advice, analysis, perfection, teaching, deep thinking, belief, faith, wisdom, devotion to what is done, clairvoyance, sedative and reassuring magnetism, discretion, reserve, poetry, philosophy, refined ways, artistic temperament, meditation, research. It represents the elevation of man over matter towards the spiritual.

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