Angel Number 107: Meaning and Symbolism

Angel Number 107: Meaning and Symbolism 1

Angel Numbers are the repeated numbers you kept seeing in your daily lives. Those numbers may appear in forms of dreams or in real life. Like when you are watching TV and suddenly a random number 107 flashed on your screen. Then the next day you went grocery shopping and your receipt is $10.07. Then while you’re sleeping you suddenly dreamt of the number 107. Those are indications of Angel Number. 

How does an Angel Number works? 

Angel Number works in accordance to the tenets of the numerology. Each number has its own representation and is connected to the vibrational energy of the universe and a message from the angels. The angel numbers will serve as your guidance to your life path, love life, career, family or spiritual being, and you just have to find out its meaning. 

Reasons why you are seeing Angel Numbers 

  • Spiritual Awakening 

One reason that you are seeing an Angel Numbers is because your spirituality has finally awakened. During this phase, your frequency is rising and you are more conscious of yourself or your journey. 

  • Divine support 

You may be having struggles in your life and you’re asking for divine support that’s why your angels are giving you the aid you need. 

  • Your life is being unfold 

An Angel Number is also your indicator that you’re in the right path. Once you keep seeing Angel Numbers then it means your life is unfolding and you need more perseverance. 

  • You have greater purpose 

You may be seeing an Angel Number because you are having tough times in your life that makes you feel like giving up. Your angels will send you signs of encouragement and support and one of that is showing you your true purpose in life. 

Numerological number 10 

  • Life 

People of number 10 will be indulged in the mystical world and philosophy will captivate their interest. 

Their kindhearted nature gives them the ability to sacrifice, making them suitable for humanitarian acts. 

The number 10s will always find themselves discovering things or living life to its full extent, because this is their way to grow in life. If they won’t do this, they will get bored easily and they will not discover their true purpose in life. 

  • Personality 

People under the influence of number 10 always give their all to their loved ones even if there’s nothing left for them. They are also people who fully commit to their tasks to get them done right away. 

Because of their intense creativity, these people can produce something from scratch and can see new projects as something challenging. 

Number 10 people are good in communication and interaction that’s why they always do well with other people. 

They are also strong and independent individuals, meaning no one will be able to tell them what to do and they will always be firm to their decisions. They also adapt to changes quickly. 

Number 10s prefer being alone and will mostly spend their time by themselves doing the things they love. Which means they don’t need anybody’s company and energy to make them entertained. 

Numerological number 7 

The number 7 people are the dreamers of dreams and the representation of mind, as well as its infinite possibilities. 

  • Personality 

People influenced under the energy of the numerological number 7 are those who are smart and good problem solvers. Their personality is always curious and wanting to get the tasks done as early as possible. 

However, number 7 people mostly prefer to do things alone. They are not a fan of group works, they don’t like to socialize that much, and they’re sometimes aloof of strangers. These personalities makes them mysterious people. 

Number 7s always thirst for the truth, which is why when they sensed that something is wrong, they like to observe things from the back. 

Lastly, they are also visionaries which keeps their mind active. 

  • Love and relationship 

In terms of love, number 7 people possessed a love of solitude which attracts the spiritual pursuits into a relationship. They are also people who prefer a quiet relationship because they have solid ethics and values when it comes to romance. That means being with them signifies less fight and argument. 

Although they are hard workers, they still long for intimacy in a relationship. 

They are also considered as lucky people because of their great instincts to stay away from fake people. Shallowness in love and relationship has no place for number 7 people. They are also not very good with empathy. 

  • Spiritual 

Number 7 people are positively connected to the vibration of the metaphysical pursuits. Their inner souls will try its best to connect to spiritual gifts through faith. 

Number 7 is an eccentric spiritual number. Which is why people under this number longs for a little physical activity, alongside with strategy, planning and analysis. 

However, these people may sometimes lose track of their spirituality, so they need a refresher for soul searching. 

  • Life and career 

The number 7 people prefers the life of stability. They are good people to be with if you’re looking for someone to settle in or build a family with. 

Since they are smart and curious people, the number 7s will do well in math and science field. They will excel in careers of technology, medicine or invention. Some will do well in legal fields and public speaking. 

On top of it all, the real gift of the number 7 people is their mind. Their imagination, sharpness and intelligence will help them reach greater heights. 

Angel Number 107 symbolism 

People who are under the energy of the angel number 107 are those who are responsible to their obligations and persistent to everything they do. So if you keep seeing this angel numbers then it means you are a very reliable and brave person. 


Some of your best personality is all about being kind to people. You have the ability to love people wholeheartedly and you’re very compassionate to the weaker. You belong to those people who are called to serve and help others. Because of this, people will adore and cherish you. 

However, you are warned by your angels to watch out for your stubborn trait. Since you are a very ambitious person, some people may get the wrong impression because of that. But don’t worry because your angels will help you turn your stubbornness attitude into patience and virtue. 

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