Angel Number 102 : Meaning and Symbolism

Angel Number 102

The famous “positive attitude” of which so much has been said at the same time is undoubtedly the most appropriate expression to synthesize the scope of number 102 in the field of numerology.

Number 102 – What does that mean?

People born under the influence of this sign are overflowing with energy and have a strong need for action. In short, rubbing your shoulders with a “102” means getting ready for a very hectic and exciting life where Luke’s melancholy and warmth have no place!

The “102” tends to walk a bit everywhere and always follows his instinct. This obviously allows him to meet his needs for intensity and discovery. But, obviously, it happens that you lose or encounter unexpected obstacles.

This, in fact, does not really diminish his mad race. He considers that failures are part of life and that the worst thing is not to fail, but not to try.

He finds his dose of adrenaline in the novelty and keeps his energy and love for life in building many projects that sometimes seem a little crazy to some people.

This tendency to disperse a bit means that it is not always easy to follow the “102”! Some even say they are tiring and that we end up getting tired of this perpetual activity.

For him, the life of a couple should also be expressed in activity and even changes. Moreover, on this subject, the “10” like to move to discover new milestones and give a new impulse to their lives.

The 120 is the number of the association, the union, the couple, is the number of the duality good/bad, man/woman, life/death. It symbolizes the associate, the partner, the woman.

The secret meaning

This taste for change is also expressed in the professional field. The “10” particularly like to change company and even profession. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that they get bored quickly and have a special fear of routine.

It should also be said that the “102” were obviously born under a lucky star. That’s probably what gives them so much confidence.

It often happens that they benefit from ultra-favorable circumstances and see falls in all areas of their existence “little happiness” and unexpected luck. Besides, they don’t get bored with it, obviously they’re not very aware of being privileged.

Their lightness in the way they live leads them to think that existence is naturally more about happiness than misfortune.

But this positivity also probably comes from the fact that their need for action has led them to quickly zap and immediately move on to other things and project themselves into new challenges.

In constant evolution: this is the constant goal of “10”. They seem to have understood the lightness and fragility of life and want to taste all the pleasures before it is too late. This epicurism in all circumstances is like natural breathing for them.

And it has the merit of also having very positive effects on those around them, who really appreciate this joy of living and this lifelong urge.

We can therefore say that the “10” are people who are not only relaxed, but also positively influential.


The native of number 102 commands, drives and is a chef. He tends to believe that everyone has their skills and abilities, which leads to a certain intolerance.

Failures will not fail, but he will leave immediately! He will always have to seek excellence and the first places to reach his number.

The 102 is not really made for teamwork, so very quickly he will develop his innate skills. He will always seek to occupy key or responsible positions.

Starting your own business can also be one of your dearest and most affordable wishes! He is made to work in total autonomy and, in any case, he has strong enough shoulders for that, which will give him a brilliant and envied career!

The number 120 needs a strong partner, ready to cooperate and who can be available, because he likes to be half face. He is sensitive and always available. He stands out for his kindness, diplomacy and patience.

He prefers to have calm relationships, but must be cautious about the lack of audacity not to end a less than stimulating relationship.

The qualities of the natives in number 120 are his strengths and weaknesses, for all that they have a great sensitivity to their feelings and those of others, the same sensitivity can lead them to retain and suppress their talents. Sensitivity and clairvoyance are among their many qualities.

The natives of number 120 are passionate and sensitive lovers, their perception makes them aware of their partners’ needs and desires.

However, when they believe they have been abused or neglected, they can react with devastating power, sometimes using vengeful personal criticism.

Nothing is more important to them than balance and harmony. The search for a soul mate is almost essential because they alone are like a leg amputee!

Being in love is an end in itself and being happy. Happiness is a healthy activity, built in harmony and without impediments. They thrive in marriage.

Enteresting facts

The other side of it all is that the “10s” sometimes find it hard to trust when they have problems and difficulties. They consider that they are able to solve everything on their own and, above all, are afraid to bother others with their concerns.

This is what their relatives regret the most. They would like them to open up more and even ask for help sometimes.

Everyone in life has difficulties and, despite a very solid state of mind, it is useful to know how to call others. The “102” should therefore concentrate on working more on this aspect of his personality …

Generally, the “102” consider that, in life, everything is a matter of cycles … And so, you never really have to worry, because, as the saying goes, “the wheel spins”.

In case of great difficulties, they tend to backup while waiting for approval. And that’s precisely the kind of situation they need to learn to ask for help and ask the people around them for help.

No one is infallible in life and asking for help shows no weakness. It is rather to prove that we know how to trust others and that we appreciate them enough to dare to warn them …

The 102 is a number that promotes personal success and individual achievements. It symbolizes an active life and is often the scene of unexpected changes. Sometimes it is difficult, but a certain chance dominates and makes it possible to overcome obstacles.

To succeed on this path, the 102 must remain positive and determined, show will and courage, perseverance and originality, and above all, maintain self-confidence. He is ambitious, likes to command, lead and organize.

He always tries to be a leader, but he must be careful not to crush others. His desire to always be right can bring him many enemies. His destiny is to succeed, but be careful not to end up being a tyrant in solitude. It is a dynamic and very stimulating way of life that avoids boredom!

This number, on the other hand, will only be well lived if 102 takes the trouble to listen to others and learn humility; otherwise your victories or successes may have a bitter taste of loneliness. The 120 must work with the team spirit they lack and simplicity too.

Be careful, however, about his tendency to want to rule everything and his great need for freedom, which could quickly weigh on his partner or relatives …


The number 102 is also associated with Jupiter, which gives it an affectionate and hospitable personality. If, however, 102 is a number absent in its numerology, its path will be difficult; the same applies if the number of its expression is 120 or 4.

The need for autonomy and independence of the native of number 1 will make his romantic journey difficult. The need to build himself, to follow his challenges, will prevent him from really being interested in the other, until some of his goals are not achieved.

Therefore, it is a rather lonely path that awaits him, but the reward will be at the end of the journey: once serene and with total confidence in his abilities, he will no doubt be able to stand up calmly … And also play a central role within his own family.

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